As part of the Ellis Medicine brand launch, we exploited every opportunity to reach out to our audiences; paid media (broadcast, print and outdoor) for consumers and what we call ‘owned media’ channels for our internal audiences. In this case, Ellis Medicine’s owned media channels included their website, banner advertising, social media, internal communications and a wealth of messaging sites within their facilities. The main hospital entry depicted here provided a perfect venue to introduce the new brand identity, color palette, imagery and message, “reinventing healthcare, one patient at a time.”

Every day, thousands of employees, doctors, patients and visitors go through these halls. This display creates an immersive experience that helps internalize the position with the people who experience and deliver the brand promise.

Facilities staff claim this installation was more cost effective than interior décor. And it adds another consistent point of contact with the hospital’s customer base. We think it’s a good use of real estate.

Are there opportunities for you to share your message that you walk past every day without noticing? What ‘owned media’ channels have you overlooked?