Women know that Bellevue Woman’s Center is the go-to place for childbirth. That’s a strong market position, but it’s not the whole story. In reality, Bellevue offers a broad range of women’s services, some unique to the market, but no one knows about them.

How Not to Inspire

Our research uncovered just how often advertisers miss the mark with women. Stereotypes abound, and the condescending overuse of pink belies how little insight marketers have into healthcare’s most powerful demographic. Rarely are women shown as powerful, independent decision makers.

Doctors miss the mark with women, too. In fact, studies show that women suffering heart attacks are one-third more likely to be misdiagnosed than men. Sadly, when a woman describes her symptoms to a doctor, she often isn’t taken as seriously. She may be prescribed an antidepressant instead of undergoing the life-saving procedures she needs.

Our strategic direction was clear. We needed to show that Bellevue uniquely understands women.

Getting to the heart of the issue

Our creative goal was to lead a real conversation that included but transcended health issues. We wanted to pair thoughts about confidence with feelings about vulnerability, touching the broad range of emotions unique to women. To do this genuinely, we interviewed local women and asked them one simple question:

“What’s different for women?”

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