Proof of Position

A year prior to this campaign, we had worked with Ellis to position their cardiology team as the new leader in advanced heart care. It was a big, bold statement, and we knew it would take time and effort to prove it. In the months that followed, Ellis’ cardiac services gained more and more recognition from the medical community, culminating in the announcement that they had the 7th best cardiac readmission rate in the country, and the best in New York State. It was the perfect proof-point to back up our position.

A Genuine Surprise

Healthcare providers have hundreds of metrics to monitor, and love to tout them when they can. But Smith & Jones knows that patients often don’t respond to statistics, especially without proper context. We had to make advertising that lived up to Ellis reputation for advertising that drives results, while touting our achievements in hard numbers.

To do it, our creative approach starts from the patients point of view and focuses on the outstanding experiences they had at Ellis. Then, we kept the camera rolling as we told patients of Ellis’ recent achievements. It captured genuine moments of delight as patients realized that they had, indeed, chosen the right place to seek advanced heart care.

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