A dangerous misperception

We knew that White Plains had an outstanding patient satisfaction rating. But research surprisingly uncovered that residents believed they had to leave town to get appropriate care for a heart emergency. They believed that a trip to neighboring towns or, worse, into the traffic of New York City, was necessary.

That’s not just a marketing problem, it’s a clinical problem. When you’re having a heart attack, minutes matter. The faster you start treatment, the better your chances of survival. Choosing White Plains could be a matter of life or death.

The twofold difference

Our creative solution had to deliver on two key messages. First, that White Plains Hospital is your best first stop in a heart emergency. The care is outstanding, and they have a direct line to Montefiore Medical Center, one of the best heart hospitals in the world. The second was that the patient experience at White Plains is excellent, unlike some local competitors. Residents don’t have to compromise when it comes to heart care. They really can have the best of both worlds.

Watch our video to see how we delivered the message.

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