What to do when the facts fail

Our research uncovered that the number one reason people avoid colon screenings is fear. They’re afraid of the preparation, the procedure, and the possibility of scary results. We also uncovered that understanding the benefits of screenings doesn’t help people get over their fears. It turns out, patients who are informed about the benefits of colon screenings are no more likely to get one.

To be successful, we knew we’d need to reach people emotionally.

Treating the whole person

Our creative centered around Ryan’s story. Ryan had recently moved to White Plains, leaving his friends and family in another part of the country. So when Ryan learned that he had stage 3 colon cancer he didn’t have the close-knit support group many cancer patients rely on.

Our story focused on all the ways White Plains Hospital built a support system around Ryan. We highlighted White Plains’ team approach to care, their rapid response to his diagnosis, and the custom-tailored treatment plan that helped Ryan balance his active lifestyle with his new goal: beating cancer.

The heartfelt approach to demonstrating both clinical expertise and patient-centered care helped us reduce barriers and position White Plains Hospital as a great place to get care.

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