Reclaiming their role in the community

For years, Arnot Health’s marketing has stood in the shadows of a big, flashy health system from outside the market. Yet, despite the competition, Arnot Health has continued to care for neighbors and provide superior clinical care in their market. It was time to remind everyone of the system’s clinical superiority and its commitment to the region.

Our strategy was to position Arnot as the clinical leader in their community, but in a humble, honest way. Arnot’s leadership wanted to reaffirm their strengths, in stark contrast to their competitors who elevate the stature of their doctors and other clinical staff above that of the patient. Instead, Arnot is leveling the playing field by celebrating all of the unsung local heroes that make the Twin Tiers community special: child care teachers, wait staff at local restaurants, workers in a local manufacturing business, firefighters, alongside the people who work at Arnot.

In this together

The tagline, “It’s what we do” reminds us that this is the job we choose – to provide high quality care for our neighbors. The brand rollout includes a variety of TV spots (including Cardiac and Orthopedics service line versions), print, outdoor, digital and social executions.

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