For bariatric surgery patients, numbers are a side note

We knew from research that patients who undergo bariatric surgery usually don’t focus on the pounds they’ve lost. What’s most important are the non-scale victories: ordinary yet meaningful abilities a patient regains after significant weight loss. Things like playing sports with loved ones, sitting comfortably on airplanes, or ridding oneself of sleep apnea or diabetes.

Our previous work captured these stories under the bariatrics marketing campaign Now I Can. The results were outstanding, with new patient appointments doubling and office visits increasing by 200%.

Digging Deeper

With a solid strategic approach in place, we upped the credibility. We invited our audience behind the scenes as real patients described their own weight loss journeys. Then we evolved the campaign theme, advancing from the personal victories embodied by Now I Can to the encouraging declaration Yes You Can.

If this campaign has you feeling motivated, read how simple wins inspired a 200% increase in bariatric patient engagement.