Responsive web design & implementation

Designing for mobile healthcare consumers

Today, it’s mobile first, desktop second. We live in a culture of on-the-go, want-it-now and information overload. The same goes for healthcare consumers. Frequently referred to as “e-patients,” these consumers are searching for health information online and tracking their health with mobile apps. From Googling symptoms and self-diagnosing to stalking physicians online for honest reviews to polling friends for referrals on social media, healthcare and the web have never been more integrated.

Healthcare marketers have a huge opportunity to adapt content to the mobile market. Rather than presenting a miniature desktop site where consumers have to squint, pinch, zoom and scroll, or a stripped down mobile site that lacks all of the information consumers are searching for, responsive web design is the best way to reach patients across multiple platforms. Consumers may search on their desktop computer while at work, on their mobile phone on their way out to dinner and on their tablet while relaxing on the couch. Healthcare marketers want all of their information to be easily accessible on all of these devices, at all times of the day and points in the decision-making process.

Smith & Jones’ web design process has evolved with the healthcare consumers’ habits. We have shifted from desktop-based web delivery to responsive web design as the target audiences have grown to dominate the market. We have experience in planning, designing and implementing effective mobile sites that respond to consumer media preference and help them find health information where and when they need it most.

Paired with effective on- and offline marketing implementation, healthcare organizations will be perfectly positioned to engage today’s mobile healthcare consumers. There are a number of ways to drive to web via mobile marketing, including:

  • Mobile display ads
  • Search ads with mobile click-to-call
  • Branded mobile apps
  • Text message appointment reminders

Is your hospital’s website engaging consumers with responsive web design and mobile marketing? If not, contact us, Smith & Jones can help.