Digital advertising

Drilling down on niche audiences with digital channels

Why do we like digital advertising? Let us count the ways.

1. They are highly targeted, low-cost media channels

Traditional media casts a wide net, but only catches a fraction of consumers currently shopping or in your target demo. In contrast, digital advertising can be hyper-targeted demographically, and can potentially reach everyone in search of what you have to offer. That’s because digital advertising allows us to target people based on their demographics, online habits and personal information. We can specifically reach niche audiences to ensure everyone who sees your ad is a member of the target audience. It is also very low-cost compared to mass media channels. Some channels offer pay-per-click or conversion, instead of general impressions, meaning you only pay for the people who are interested in your product or service.

2. You have the ability to hit people across platforms

Through digital advertising, you can follow individuals around across websites and social platforms through retargeting. Have you ever been shopping for shoes, and then been served an ad for that same pair on and later in your Facebook newsfeed? It keeps those shoes top-of-mind, and you can do the same to patients checking out your services to keep your hospital top-of-mind. You also have the ability to serve ads on desktop computers, lap tops, tablets and mobile phones so you can hit people multiple times throughout the day.

3. It provides measurable results

With digital advertising, you have access to the number of impressions served, the number of people who clicked through and where they went or what they did after hitting your landing page. No other medium allows you to track these results, unless you rely on a vanity URL, which most people don’t bother typing in anymore, hence why the address bar in your browser has become a search bar. This kind of analytics allows you to fully evaluate the success of your campaign and determine your ROI.

Now that we’ve explained why digital advertising is so great, here are a few of our favorite ad types and how you can best use them:

  • Search Ads: Nowadays, when patients are searching for a new physician they simply open a browser and type it into their search bar. Make sure your doctors and practices are popping up first through PPC.
  • Display Ads: Target and retarget prospective patients based on demographics, content they’re reading online, the keywords they’re typing into Google, a vertical of sites with related content, and even email addresses or whether they opened an email marketing message you sent to them.
  • Social Ads: Target prospective patients in a way that looks like news content through Facebook Newsfeed ads, Twitter promoted tweets, and Instagram promoted posts.
  • Digital Television & Video Streaming: Get more mileage out of television spots by taking a portion of your television media spend and putting it towards digital video streaming through services like Hulu+ and network/broadcast station mobile apps.
  • Internet Radio: Reach patients on radio beyond local stations with targeted programming and an expansion of geological reach.

Need some help brainstorming how you can best take advantage of digital advertising? Contact us today and we’ll use our digital healthcare marketing expertise to develop a plan to complement your goals and campaigns.