Brand Pulse

Uncover your brand truth

Most marketers who call us for help have the same problem: they know something is wrong with their brand, but they can’t figure out exactly what it is.

Brand Pulse can help.

What’s Brand Pulse?

Brand Pulse gathers data and analyzes your brand through the eyes of potential patients, front-line employees and executive leadership. Similar to a Myers-Briggs assessment, Brand Pulse maps the personality of your brand, giving you unique and valuable insights into the true perception of your organization.

Delivered in as few as 3 weeks, Brand Pulse is faster and more nuanced than traditional attitude studies at a fraction of the cost. By plotting your brand within a matrix of 16 personality types, Brand Pulse helps you create brand messaging that consumers and staff alike can believe in.

Brand Pulse also helps you uncover what not to do. Every report comes with a detailed brand antithesis – a list of attributes that run counter to what your brand is truly about.

Better advertising, better internal alignment

Brand Pulse is a valuable tool for marketers looking to influence internal and external audiences alike. Beyond it’s implications for advertising, Brand Pulse uncovers internal perceptions of your brand, and can help bridge the gap between what your advertising says about your organization and how your employees act.

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Brand Pulse is affordable for most small to medium sized hospitals, health systems and physician practices.

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