Meticulous Doctor Logic

Numbers driven, this doctor personality wants to avoid mistakes

Relationships with doctors can be some of the most difficult for marketers. Doctors have a lot of power at the organization, and they don’t always feel positive toward marketers.

To help smooth out these relationships, we’re sharing insights into 4 common doctor personality types we’ve met in our 30+ years of healthcare marketing. In this post, we’ll meet at a data-driven type we call Dr. Logic.

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The Dr. Logic type needs precision

This doctor personality wants their ducks in a row in all situations. They’re list-makers, and nothing scares them more than missing an important detail.

Top priorities: Think of the physician who has the highest clinical quality ratings and you’re likely to find a Dr. Logic. They value quality and competency above all, and may be the “walking encyclopedia” of their department.

Motivated by: Dr. Logic types love to put their brains to work, especially to solve new problems. They also love to add to their knowledge so you’re likely to find them poring through clinical trials or, if they’re busy (and all docs are busy) with a stack of to-be-read papers on their desk.

How to spot them: The Dr. Logic type chooses words carefully, sometimes slowly. If you’ve ever received a precisely-worded email, it likely came from a Dr. Logic. They also tend to be critical and favor objective, analytical data, so look for the docs who want proof that what you say will work.

Where to find them: With their relentless focus on quality and dependability, look for them in highly technical service lines like cardiology and orthopedics.

How to build a great relationship:

Relevant facts and figures help this personality type get comfortable with a decision. Case studies showing prior success can be helpful.

The Dr. Logic type often has knowledge in a wide range of things, and likes to show it off. Better to assume they know what you’re talking about than to assume they don’t.

A Dr. Logic will love to learn. Come prepared with facts and figures to help satisfy their both their thirst for knowledge and their need for hard data.

Meet the 3 other doctor personality types

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