Threats to program funding and ongoing debates over social issues such as birth control and abortion put considerable pressure on Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and the national Planned Parenthood organization alike. UHPP asked Smith & Jones to create a healthcare marketing campaign that would help attract patients and remind young people about the variety and scope of health care services that their organization provides.

We developed a series of YouTube and Facebook videos, along with a television commercial, each designed to raise awareness of the valuable role UHPP plays in providing health care services to young people, the uninsured, and anyone who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the health support network.

Our videos capture true stories of the challenges and emotions people face when they need health care but have few options. They illustrate the importance of health care access for the individual – regardless of social stigma or controversy. The commercials depict the human condition, and a health care organization determined to help every member of its community.