Dashboards, analytics and reporting

Tracking ROI with healthcare marketing analytics

The business of healthcare is ruled by numbers — revenue, reimbursement, patient volumes — why should healthcare marketing be any different? Smith & Jones has always emphasized the importance of building measurement into an outbound marketing plan and ROI. It is an essential step to determine success, failure and what can be done differently next time. Without it, hospitals and physician practices blindly deplete their budgets with no way of tracking if any dollar spent brought them any closer to reaching their goals.

Analytics help hospital marketers:

  • Evaluate and refine tactics to determine what’s working, what isn’t and how to improve results.
  • Prioritize marketing efforts based on performance, to make strategic cuts that will reduce the budget while still making the biggest impact possible.
  • Determine which tactics should be given more attention or funding in the future.
  • Take a proactive approach to marketing efforts to make adjustments during the campaign and turn results around.

We use lagging indicators in our analytics, dashboards and reports to justify campaign costs, reinforce media decisions and keep board members, physicians and staff aligned to the campaign goals. By monitoring leading indicators, it allows for tweaks and changes throughout a campaign to maximize media dollars and keeps the budget organized. While analytics may take time and resources to establish, they can end up saving healthcare organizations thousands of dollars thanks to sound strategy.

Website marketing creates a deep pool of metrics for analysis and reporting. Our sophisticated analytics tools not only measure site traffic, they can recognize unique and repeat visitors, provide audience demographics and report on how SEO is performing. These tools also track the visitor’s behaviors, including page views, unique page views, actions on page, average time spent on the page, bounce rate, video views and conversions.

Identifying the relevant metrics that will be used to determine campaign success or failure at the beginning of the process will save requests for justification and proof of ROI upon completion.

Measurement is the only way to truly know how to improve upon your hospital’s marketing efforts .If you need help identifying relevant metrics, establishing tracking systems and reporting outcomes to defend your marketing spend, contact us.